Vegreville Pysanka

Giant Easter Egg (in Ukrainian called Pysanka)! Measuring 25 feet high & over 3,000 pounds this is a considered a marvel of modern mathematical design

Vegreville, Alberta Canada

Constructed from 525 star pieces, 2,208 triangular pieces, 3,512 visible facets, 6,978 nuts and bolts, 177 internal struts. Weight is from 2, 000 pounds of alumnium skin; 3,000 pounds of internal structure; 27,000 pound base. After over 12,000 man hours the final dimensions are 25.7 feet in length; 18.3 feet width; and 31.0 feet as the highest point from the ground.

Source: CBC

This is an approximate location. Please contact the owner for exact directions.

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