Glendon Pyroghy

Giant Pyroghy! Built in 1991 it stands 8.2 metres (27 feet) high and is 3.7 metres (12 feet) wide with a weight of 2,718 kilograms (6, 000 pounds).

Glendon, Alberta Canada

Johnny Demienko can't stop singing about the unusual tourist attraction in Glendon, Alta., which he thought up himself: a giant pyrogy with a fork through it. He admits the fork was added so people would know what the heck the sculpture is. "The first design wasn't [with] a fork, but then people went by and they responded that it looked like a cow pie or something," says Demienko, who is the town's mayor and also a school bus driver. But why a pyrogy? As we see in this 1993 clip from On the Road Again Glendon's strong Ukrainian heritage made it the perfect choice.

The pyrogy is a common food in Eastern European cultures such as; Ukrainian, Polish, Russian and Slovakian diets.

Source: CBC

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