Sweet beginnings and endings on a winter adventure in Bonnyville-Cold Lake Region

Posted on Friday February 14, 2020 at 09:47AM

Jeremy Derksen for #SkiNorthAB

Settled in next to the fire at the T-Bar Lounge, Alexa Prodaniuk and Trevor Makaruk are roasting marshmallows and laughing as they look back on their afternoon snowboarding at Kinosoo Ridge, Cold Lake, Alberta. The decadent s’mores kit they’re enjoying, and the hot chocolates topped with whip cream, chocolate drizzle and maraschino cherries, are the icing on a full day of winter adventure.

It’s a running in-joke between the young married couple that Trevor often leaves Alexa behind on the slopes. But Kinosoo’s gentler terrain has given her confidence.

Want to learn more about the Bonnyville-Cold Lake Region? Ski on over to SnowSeekers:

“I haven’t been to the mountains in a few years, but now knowing that this is here and it’s fun, it’s a good way to work on my skills before I get to the mountains,” she says.

The couple has also managed to find a few activities in the Bonnyville-Cold Lake Region area in which they are a little more evenly matched, including ice fishing and cross-country skiing. But that only serves to up the competitive ante.


“Kim (from Angler’s Fishing Tours) taught us some good techniques, using that fancy fish finder with the sonar,” Alexa comments. “Hopefully you can actually catch something now.”

On cross-country skiing at Hamilton House earlier in the day, Trevor says, “I grew up in the area and I had no idea it was there. It was really cool to get on the Nordic skis and rip around with the sunrise coming up, it was gorgeous out there. It’s a good pace for me and her, where I can’t leave her behind too much.”

One of the great things about the area is that there are a lot of activities within a short distance of each other, and cozy accommodations like Hamilton House or Evergreen Birch Lodge, so it’s possible to fit in a lot of different activities in a single day. Or, you can slow down and enjoy it at a more relaxing pace, depending on your relationship dynamic.

Either way, as Alexa and Trevor found, it should give you plenty to talk about over s’mores.

When You Go

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Want to learn more about the Bonnyville-Cold Lake Region? Ski on over to SnowSeekers:

Learn more about what Northern Alberta has in store for you this winter by visiting the #SkiNorthAB page, where more stories and videos will be coming out all season long.

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