Victoria Settlement Provincial Historic Site

Experience Alberta's History


Why Go?
History buffs will love a trip on the Victoria Trail along the North Saskatchewan River, just 10 miles south of Smoky Lake off Highway 855. Start at Victoria Settlement, where interpreters bring this former Fort and pioneer settlement to life. It is the site of the oldest building still on its original foundation in Alberta. 

While there, 'Paddle into the Past' with an immersive voyageur guided tour where you'll end up at Metis Crossing. As well, school programs are available for a hands-on learning experience outside of the classroom. 

Stay tuned to their website for information on all the exciting events happening this summer, and for more information on bookings and tours!

What's Unique?
This interactive museum makes sure you can feel like you're experiencing a part of history. Try out crafts, stash weaving, trapping, and other skills that were mastered by the Metis people throughout history.

Hours of Operation: 
Monday: 10am-5pm
Tuesday: 10am-5pm
Wednesday: CLOSED
Thursday: 10am-5pm
Friday: 10am-5pm
Saturday: 10am-5pm
Sunday: 10am-5pm

16 km south of Smoky Lake via Hwy 855, and the Victoria Trail

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