Two Hills Lions Golf and Country Club

A Marvel of Golf Course Engineering


The Two Hills Lions Golf and Country Club is only nine holes but it enjoys accolades on par with some of the best courses in the province due to the fabulous design and engineering work done by Edmonton's Sid Puddicombe and Associates.

You will be challenged from start to finish through winding, narrow fairways and strategically placed ponds and gaping bunkers - all of which serve to create a fabulously picturesque aesthetic for your eyes to behold along the way.

The clubhouse serves sandwiches and snacks as well as beer and hard liqour.

There are events throughout the golfing season; check out their website and make sure to join in on the fun.

A pro-shop is available onsite as well if you need to add to your gear.

Name: Two Hills Lions Golf and Country Club
Address: 5414 - 55 St., Two Hills, Alberta (along Hwy 45)
Phone: 780-657-3451

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