Go East of Edmonton Travel Guide Testimonials

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September 2019 - “We had a good year with lots of new customers. The marketing was good and we had a number of people came from Go East of Edmonton who used the coupon for golf. We should go with a bigger ad next year to reach even more people.” Manager, Smoky Lake Golf Club

September 2019 -
"We saw the increase in guests, some who commented to us, “we saw you in the Go East of Edmonton Magazine”! We received new guests from the magazine or E-pages and they were strong guests, the kind that we will see again!! We really appreciate the effort you all put into such a great asset to our region!!" Hamilton House Bed and Breakfast, Cold Lake, Alberta

September 2019 -
"No one has more tourism experience, nor more knowledge than you at Go East!", Community Futures Lac La Biche

September 2019 -
"We get a lot of business from the Go East magazine and they are great supporters of ours." Twisted Fork, St. Paul, Alberta

September 2019 -
"You have helped local tourism businesses who have said up to 50% of their business came from "Go East". - AB Labour Bonnyville-Lakeland Office

September 2019 -
"You do an amazing job to promote our local communities and events", said during an Alberta Tourism Workshop in St. Paul by Hampton Inn and MCSNet and others.

September 2019 -
"We have had great feedback on the publication this year! Great job!", The Lefse House, Camrose, Alberta

August 2019 - "Reaching our audiences is only made stronger by our partners who helps us reach them. We would never get our message out without the support of partners like the folks at Go East of Edmonton! Thank you for all that you do to promote tourism and economic development in rural Alberta!" Friends of the Battle River Railway, Forestburg, Alberta

August 2019 - "We love Go East of Edmonton! Thanks for the support!", Spiro's Restaurant, Lloydminster, Alberta

August 2019 -
"Thank you for your awesome Facebook page!", Fan from St. Paul, Alberta

August 2019 -
"The Go East of Edmonton Travel Guide is a beautiful and comprehensive guide. Well done. Congratulations!", Reader from Edmonton, Alberta

July 2019 -
"This guide is a pure gem. Your magazine is awesome!", Reader from Edmonton, Alberta

June 2019 - “I am complimenting you and your staff on an excellent publication of “Go East of Edmonton” this year. I found this year more informative. Past years were very good but this year is the best! Great job!”, Reader from Edmonton, Alberta

June 2019 - “I need a printed copy for my car for when I don’t have wifi.”, Reader from Edmonton, Alberta

November 2018 -
"The Killam and District Chamber of Commerce have approved another year of your excellent service." Killam, Alberta

October 2018 -
"I want to congratulate Kevin for his level of energy and enthusiasm in promoting our area and getting people to come our way!", Ken Espheter, Friends of the Battle River Railway, Daysland, Alberta

October 2018 -
"It was the Best Advertising I had done all year. Since it was our first time advertising with you, we made it a point in asking people where they found out about our store. I would say 80% of new customers informed us it was from your Go East Book. Thank You for doing such a good job! Buckskins Emporium, Camrose, Alberta

October 2018 -
"Lots of new people came in the store from the Go East Guide. Very proud of you guys, you do such a great job!" Heritage Corner Shoppe, Bellis, Alberta

October 2018
- "We appreciate the book {Go East of Edmonton Travel Guide} and we had a great summer! Thank you!" Hamilton House Bed & Breakfast, Bonnyville, Alberta

September 2018
- "I wanted to tell you that I see my advertising in your Go East of Edmonton magazine as a really successful marketing strategy. We had a great summer! We had quite a few guests this summer who said the choice not only to come to Cold Lake but also to stay at Waterfront Harbour B&B was because of your magazine. Also, we have had local families here who have told us that they just weren’t aware of some of the places, things and events in Alberta that they saw advertised in your magazine. They made small little trips to various communities in Alberta throughout the summer because of reading your magazine. I am hearing that Albertans want a different destination to the usual trips of Jasper and Banff. They state those areas have too many people and too much traffic to enjoy as a stress free vacation. That is a real positive for us out here! Thank you! In regard to having the magazine, I gave out some but not a lot as they seemed to have picked them up elsewhere! Thanks again! Waterfront Harbour Bed & Breakfast, Cold Lake, Alberta

September 2018 - "Thanks for all your hard work. I am talking up Go East all I can. Money well spent for the M.D. We see the results on our web page. And our businesses are happy with the results. All I can see is growth. The numbers prove that Go East is the one to go with."  MD Bonnyville, Alberta

September 2018 - "We used to interview young adults who didn’t have a clue of anything out of the city. Your website is helping tremendously to change that. Lots of positive reasons to take a drive. For the rest of us small town folk, we get reinforcement about the reasons we are so proud to come from that life." Facebook Follower

September 2018 - "I certainly enjoyed following Go EAST on Facebook this summer. It was neat to see all of the locally owned and operated business and services. We have such a great province. So much value in going east for a vacation. I spoke to many people who already had a copy so word was definitely getting out there." Facebook Follower

September 2018 - "Thank you for the posts about our hotel and events. Great job with keeping communities connected." Park Centre & Hotel, Sherwood park

September 2018 - "Excellent and very informative presentation about tourism. Great stats. A great promotion for the community." Vegreville Chamber of Commerce

September 2018
- "We have had many mentions of GO EAST on our excursion feedback forms. We continue to find this a good bang for our buck. Thank you for all your group continues to do for Battle River Train Excursions".  Friends of the Battle River Railway, Forestburg, Alberta

September 2018
- "From my little antique store I definitely noticed an increase in traffic from out of town due directly to having seen the Go East of Edmonton.....Most folks mentioned they already had a copy when I offered them one and that was why they were here ....
One lady from Edmonton was thankful when I handed her a copy because she always enjoyed the guide in past years...Great advertising tool for business and tourism !!!
  Lorees Antiques, St. Paul, Alberta

September 2018 -
"Thanks for the update on marketing, you guys are amazing!" Regent Health, Vegreville, Alberta

September 2018 - "
We had a number of people who read about us in the Go East of Edmonton Guide and drove out from Edmonton specifically to see us. I think it is a wonderful magazine. Thanks for profiling us - we are extremely grateful." Everything Tea, Vegreville

September 2018 -
"We had a REALLY good summer! Lots of new people and many said Go East was where they heard about us!
Thanks for all your help!"
  Rocky Meadows Getaway Campground, Bonnyville, Alberta

September 2018
- "Great magazine for everything to see and do in the region! And great people!", Boom 95.3 Cold Lake, Alberta

September 2018 -
A Vegreville town councillor told us of a couple from South Carolina, USA, that he talked to at the Vegreville Pysanka Park who CHANGED their trip from going to the mountains to Going East. ALL because they seen the printed copy of Go East of Edmonton Travel Guide!! They said they were in Edmonton and decided that they changed plans because there was lots to see and do in communities East of Edmonton. Town of Vegreville, Alberta

September 2018
- "We have no referrals from other Travel or Tourism Alberta websites. But we have referrals from Go East. The difference is stark. Go East is working for the municipalities and businesses, while other Tourism initiatives are not. We already budgeted for advertising in Go East and we are cancelling other tourism promotions cause they have no data or no results. You have some pretty powerful testimonials and metrics." From numerous Local Communities.

July 2018 -
"Wonderful magazine, very informative, best travel guide I have ever seen! So amazed with everything that is has in the guide. Marvelous!" Reader from Edmonton, Alberta

July 2018
- "I see you have a web version of the [Go East Guide], but the book would be very handy. Would love to have a copy of it." Reader from Calgary, Alberta

July 2018
- "You guys are awesome people. For all that you do you're amazing." "I will never be on Facebook but I don't have to because you [Go East of Edmonton] are on it and doing the work!"  Ceramic Cottage, Vegreville, Alberta

June 2018
- "The one and only magazine I look forward to every year, thanks for all the great things to see and do!!" Facebook Follower

May 2018 -
"Love your magazine and look forward to it each year. Thank you and keep up the great work!" Reader from Bruce, Alberta

May 2018 -
"The [Go East of Edmonton] Travel Guide is getting better every year! People specifically come in to get it. Awesome job!" Budding Ideas, Killam, Alberta

April 2018 -
"Congratulations to all of you. The Go East magazine this year is looking fantastic! I especially love the cover."  Strathcona County, Alberta

April 2018 -
"Thank you for all the info you put out!!! I have found so many good spots because of your posts!", Facebook Follower

December 2017 -
"There is no one with as much knowledge or experience for tourism in the region as you have. We appreciate all of your help." Lac La Biche Community Futures

November 2017 -
"It's the best presentation about tourism we have ever seen!", St. Paul County

August 2017 -
"Your publication hands down has been our most popular this season". Reynold-Alberta Museum, Wetaskiwin, Alberta

July 2017 -
"Please send us more guides, it is going very fast, it's very popular!" Lloydminster Travel Alberta Visitor Centre

June 2017 -
"The Go East of Edmonton Travel Guide is the most popular book that goes at our Visitor Centre". Elk Island National Park, Alberta

June 2017 -
"The Travel Guide is very popular, it goes so fast!" Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village, Alberta

June 2017 -
"I can't be without it [Go East of Edmonton Travel Guide]". Reader from Boyle, Alberta

April, 2017 -
"I had picked up a copy yesterday and am so impressed. Having lived in Edmonton for 40+ years I had no idea what I've missed to the East. We are so looking forward to sharing these with the families we visit." Welcome Wagon, Manager

February 2017 -
"I pick up travel guides but when I came across the Go East of Edmonton Travel Guide - there's none in comparison..so much information!", Reader from Edmonton, Alberta

January 27, 2017 -
"So excited, can't wait to be a part of this Guide. A huge boost for rural communities. Such good work!" Fiona's Coffee, Camrose, Alberta

December 2016 -
"Your 'Go East' publication seems to be a success for communicating events east of Edmonton.  While my mother was visiting this summer I found in Go East that it was the weekend of the Mundare parade and quilt show as well as the Babas & Borshch festival in Andrew.  We attended all three of these events, had a great time, and would have missed all of them had we not consulted Go East." - Margaret Newell, Radway, Alberta

November 2016
- "Thanks so much!  I always look forward to the guide, love it, and make sure my co-workers, family and friends get a copy each year.  I love the work you all do & it's such an easy guide to use, perfect for our area." - Cindy Usenik, Vermilion, Alberta (2016 photo contest winner)

November 2016 - "So many people are coming through because of Go East, it seems to be the key to opening the door." - Sophie Swidersky, Den of Antiquity, Redwater, Alberta

November 2016 - "I think everything you do is amazing!" - Jennifer Hladilo, Vegreville, Alberta

November 2016 - "Congrats on the success!  It is a nice looking publication." - Clayton Hinkey, Hardisty, Alberta

July 2016 - "The feature story you ran for us in the magazine [2016 Go East of Edmonton Travel Guide] definitely brought in extra business for us. It made a world of difference! Thank you so much!" Sonia with Nook in the Woods, Thorhild County

April 25, 2016 - Amazing publication for what is happening in our region east of Edmonton! And there is a whole lot happening!, Jacquie Fenske, Lamont, Alberta

April 19, 2016 - "I need more guides to give away to my customers. The Go East of Edmonton Guide is fabulous! Most wonderful magazine!", Mac's Store in St. Paul, Alberta

April 12, 2016 - "Your magazine [Go East of Edmonton] is awesome and well detailed. It's a great resource for travel and tourism East of Edmonton. I've shared a copy with my daughter who was looking for local trips with her family." Reader from Edmonton, Alberta

March, 2016 - "The travel guide [Go East of Edmonton] definitely brings me business!", Mom's Ice Cream, Tofield, Alberta

February, 2016 - "The guide [Go East of Edmonton] is absolutely phenomenal! I'm so impressed by all of the information it provides. Very interesting, just fabulous!", Edmonton Reader

November 19, 2015 - "Just want to call and say how much I enjoy the [Go East of Edmonton] magazine. We plan wonderful trips from it. It is very informative.", Reader from Minburn, Alberta

June 3, 2015 - "Really nice, fantastic [Go East of Edmonton] books , Town of Wainwright

June 1, 2015 - "Customers just love the [Go East of Edmonton] Travel Guide", Elk Island Golf Course, Elk Island National Park, Alberta

April 24, 2015 - "Great guide [Go East of Edmonton Travel Guide]! Perfect for planning daytrips all summer long!" Reader from Edmonton, Alberta

April 16, 2015 - "Staff very impressed with the Go East of Edmonton Travel Guide, really like it, 90% go to new families." Edmonton Garrison, Alberta

February 26, 2015
- "Your input last year/new highway layout did the trick [Go East of Edmonton Travel Guide]. Love the magazine. So professional!"
Den of Antiquity, Redwater, Alberta

November 17, 2014 - "Your guide [Go East of Edmonton Travel Guide] was very helpful in directing traffic our way...beautifully laid out edition! Congrats!!,
Den of Antiquity, Redwater

April 30, 2014 - "So great! Such a wonderful book [Go East of Edmonton Travel Guide}! You do such a great job!", reader from Waskatenau, Alberta

April 14, 2014 - "The guide looks totally awesome!!! Great job. I think it might be the most comprehensive and well put together guide around [Go East of Edmonton Travel Guide]". Wanda, Art.Design.Ink, Vegreville, Alberta

June 9, 2013 -
"Hi Jolene Kisilevich...While driving with Richard I read your GoEast magazine...I was very impressed...lots of information and "tidbits" about all those towns that I wasn't aware of..I found it quite interresting! Just wanted you to know that your hard work is appreciated...Also, this summer, Rich and I plan to do some antique shopping when we GO EAST!", Amy, Edmonton, Alberta

May 20, 2013
- "I am a faithful reader of the GO EAST GUIDE! We go to rodeos and events in the region. This is such a wonderful magazine, nobody else has such a good magazine as you guys! The GO EAST GUIDE is an excellent travel guide!" Susan, Edmonton Visitor

May 19, 2013
- "Excellent travel guide [Go East of Edmonton Travel Guide]! Nobody else has such a good magazine as you guys!" Susan, Edmonton, Alberta