Smoky Lake Inn

Come for Dinner; Stay the Night


Why Go?
Are you looking for accommodations where you will receive modern rooms but with a historical twist? Then the Smoky Lake Inn in Smoky Lake, Alberta is where you want to go! With affordable rates and beautiful rooms, this fine hotel is located across from the Pumpkin Park and the Iron Horse Trail.

A restaurant with daily specials and a wide variety of dishes, and a lounge with VLTs serve your dining and entertainment needs. You can also partake in Open Mic Night every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month! 

What's Unique?
A liquor store service is also on site and here you will find the largest selection of wines in northeastern Alberta.


Name: Smoky Lake, Alberta
Address: 4 Wheatland Ave., Smoky Lake, Alberta
Phone: 780-656-3615

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