Section 35 Farm Distillery

Drink local - try a unique honey-based liquor!

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Why Go?
It’s not mead! Section 35 Farm Distillery, located just north of Viking, Alberta, combines sweet and spicy flavours to create their unique honey liquor. Owner and fourth generation farmer, Kevin Lefsrud, has taken his broad knowledge of agriculture and fine ingredients to create two amazing products called Bad Teacher and Wildflower. Both liquors are handcrafted and can be enjoyed on their own or in your favourite cocktail!

Check out Sec 35’s website for a list of locations across Canada where you can buy their products. They also provide great cocktail recipes, so you can try out the perfect combination, or create your own!

What’s Unique?
Want to try honey liquor, but can’t find it at a store near you? You can shop online directly from their website, so you never have to miss out!


Company Name: Section 35 Farm Distillery
Address: North of Viking, Alberta on Highway 36
Phone: 780-336-5700