Redwater Pioneer Museum

The Hidden Gem of Red Water


Why Go?

The Redwater Pioneer Museum in Redwater, Alberta, is outwardly an unassuming, almost apologetic structure sandwiched between the library and a restaurant on 48 Street. But walk through the front door and find yourself suddenly in the pioneering days of the vast Canadian Prairies.

Photographs tell the story of how the town of Redwater came to be as well as the story, with photos, of "When Oil Hit Redwater" - a defining moment of transformation for the little community. Additionally, a military display can be viewed, as well as books and records, and many artifacts and displays that depict life throughout the history of the establishment of Redwater.

The museum is open on Saturdays from 1PM to 3:30PM, and Thursdays 1PM to 3PM. You can also tour the museum by appointment outside of the opening hours.

What's Unique?
As an extension of their WWII exhibit, the museum is currently working to create a book of tribute to honour our veterans.

Name: Redwater Pioneer Museum
Address: 4915 - 48 Street, Redwater, Alberta
Phone: 780-218-6157 or 780-942-3206

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