Lac La Biche Open Farm Days


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Friday, August 16 - Farmers' Market
All weekend Rally - Photo Contest info
Saturday, August 17 - Visit Farms
Sunday, August 18 - Events & Exhibition, Culinary Feast


Farmers' Market - Friday, August 16

3 pm - 5:30 pm at the Lac La Biche Agricom Complex, Hwy 881
***Burgers, Corn on the Cob, Petting Zoo, Veggie Competition***



Farms to Visit - August 17 & 18, 2019

Christy Creek Honey Apiary - Saturday only 10:30 am - 4:30 pm


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a bee? Have you ever wanted to learn about beehives or where that honey in your kitchen cabinet comes from? Christy Creek Honey will answer all your questions and keep you as busy as a bee! See things you won’t bee-lieve, experience a day in the life of bee farmers Rob and Joanne as they show you the ins and outs of bees from larvae to queen.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Suit-up and see the bees up close! If that’s too much for you, don’t worry, Christy Creek honey has got you covered! Learn from afar with special bee-free trainer hives or participate in bee and nature related activities! But, don’t bee sad when it’s over, you can take a piece of this experience home with you, buy some of their very own Christy Creek Honey!

ATTENTION: We ask that you please leave your pets at home, there are animals here that might not play well with other animals. We would also greatly appreciate it if you call us in advance, prior to your arrival.

*For additional safety, it is recommended for this experience to wear full length pants (no shorts) and rubber boots.*

Host: Rob & Joanne  780-623-4496

Location: 14337 Township Road 652; South of Lac La Biche on Hwy 36 (approx 14 km). Turn right/west onto Township Rd 653. Drive approx 6 km. Turn left/south on Range Road 143 (approx 2 km). Turn right/west on Township Road 652 and drive 0.8 km. Log house on left side of road. GPS: 54.6161950   -112.059034. See map.


Macor Farms - Saturday & Sunday 10 am - 5 pm


Llama mamas? Shiny black chickens with black chicken meat? Tiny horses? Goat in a wheelchair? Come see what the hay is going on at Macor Farms! Your host Jaqueline Marsh will guide you as you discover all kinds of animals that live at Macor Farms. Dog person? Get ready for some ruff play. Cat person? No need to be catty. Feeling sheepish? Relax with the sheep. Maybe you’re in the mood for some muddin’? The piglets are always ready to play! No matter who you are, there is something for you here at Macor Farms! Just be ready for some horsin’ around! Ducks, geese, turkeys, cows and fun included.

ATTENTION: We ask that you leave please your pets at home, there are already plenty of animals to see here that might not play well with other animals.

Jacqueline Marsh  780-623-1804

Travel 15.6 km south of Lac La Biche on Hwy 36. 6.5 km west on Township Rd 653. Travel south on Range Road 144 and turn west onto Township Road 652A, first approach on the right side of the road. 14440 Township Road 652A.
GPS: 54.623928   -112.084862. See map.


Lac La Biche Self Driving Rally and Competition Experience
Saturday and Sunday August 17-18

$1000 cash & prizes to be won!!!

Have you ever had so much fun in one weekend? You will if you participate in Open Farm Days 2019 in the Lac La Biche Region! Embark on an epic journey with the Open Farm Days Lac La Biche Region Self Driving Rally Experience. Enjoy the weekend experiences, see the sights, the rural countryside, and what the Lac La Biche Region has to offer, and you will be rewarded in more ways than one.

It's a Photo Contest. Take a picture in a qualifying category and tag it with #OFDRally2019.
Share them on Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram.

The more pictures in more categories you take, the higher your chances of winning! Contest closes Monday, August 19 at midnight. So put your driving gloves on! Full contest rules coming soon.

Here are some early hints for you; Categories will include: local businesses, local sights, Open Farm Days events, tests of local knowledge, and some just for the fun of it!


$1,000.00 in prizes will be awarded for Pictures in 5 categories:
$200 Visa Gift Card - At the Open Farm Days Exhibition or Culinary Event
$200 Visa Gift Card - At any listed Photo Opportunity Location and includes Children
$200 Visa Gift Card - At any Listed Photo Opportunity Location and includes Farm Animals
$200 Visa Gift Card - At any Listed Photo Opportunity Location and includes good old-fashioned fun
$200 Visa Gift Card - At an Open Farm Day Host Farm

Fill your weekend with good experiences and the many adventures that await you with Open Farm Days 2019 in the Lac La Biche Region:

Look for signs around town for locations to enter plus you can enter at all these Open Farm Days Participants

• Christy Creek Honey
• Macor Farms
• Open Farm Days Lac La Biche Self Driving Rally Experience
• Open Farm Days Lac La Biche Exhibition & Experience
• Open Farm Days Lac La Biche Regional Multicultural Culinary Experience
• David Thompson Statue
• Lac La Biche Ag Society Building
• Lac La Biche sign Advertising Farmer’s Market
• Portage Lac La Biche (must include Portage Name or sign)
• Plamondon Coop Home, Energy and Agro Centre
• Richard Memorial Spray Park Lac La Biche
• UFA Lac La Biche

Watch for the signs!


With so much fun to be bound, you'll be aching to be racing around!

For full contest rules and to register for the OFDRally2019 click here!


Exhibition & Experiences - Sunday, August 18


Noon - 5 pm at the Lac La Biche Agricom Complex. FREE Admission! Inside and Outside exhibits! 13412 - Hwy 881.

Unique fun, food and experiences brought to you in one place! 
Over 20 participants including antique tractors, handmade quilts, herbs, goats, artisan crafts, flowers, and even antler & leather work will showcase a taste of what the Lac La Biche Region offers!
  • Step up to a Flower Bar, learn about varieties and try your hand at flower arranging!
  • Learn about Barn Quilting (It's an art - and they paint on wood too!)
  • Local Artists will be displaying their creations
  • Historical, Farming and wildlife displays
  • and many more!
Display booths will be under the cover of the Pavillion or inside the Hall. 

Live Entertainment and the Lac La Biche Fun Van will be on site between 1:30 pm and 4:30 pm!

Then join us for the...

Multicultural Culinary Experience -
Sunday, August 18


4 pm - 6 pm Sunday, at the Lac La Biche Agricom Complex. 13412 - Hwy 881. 

Guests will enjoy a sumptuous array of professionally prepared cultural dishes that showcase the multicultural offerings that the region offers - such as French, Filipino, Italian, Indigenous, Lebanese, Russian, and Ukrainian.

Tickets under $20 for adults and under $10 for kids!!
Only 200 tickets available!

Click to order your Tickets.

To Contact the Organizers:

Gene Wesley 780-623-2662 ext 1 manager@cfllb.com
Krissa Kirechuk 780-623-2662 ext 0 contact@cfllb.com
or 780-520-5466