Hamlet of Mallaig

Located off Highway 28 east of Ashmont, is Mallaig, a quaint hamlet within the County of St. Paul. It is the home of the remarkable Annual Haying in the 30's event.  You’re invited to come and experience reliving the past as it was in the old days. While LOTS goes on during these 2 days, this event has one goal – to help cancer victims undergoing treatment with financial assistance for costs of transportation and lodging. All expenses for this 2 day event are funded by sponsors and volunteers, and 100% of donations are given to cancer victims. To see a detailed schedule of events and to learn more visit www.hayinginthe30s.com. Be sure to visit the Mallaig Museum to explore the history of the community.

Enjoy camping at Mallaig Beach on Vincent Lake just south of Mallaig, or the staging area along the Iron Horse Trail which is open year round. Check in with the local ag society for other events held during the year.

See also Mallaig Agricultural Society

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