Footloose Caboose Lodge

A Railcar Culinary Escape!


Why Go?
Great food is amazing. But great food in a wonderfully unique and storied setting? That's what culinary escapes are made of.

One such place is the Footloose Caboose near Tofield, Alberta. It is a weekend dining retreat - open for brunch on Saturday and Sunday and dinner on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can book reservations for an amazing, one-of-a-kind dining experience, or you can book some interesting package deals. How about a cooking demonstration? Book one for your group of six or more and enjoy the demo with a wine tasting. And the results of the food preparation demo, of course!

Group events can also be hosted throughout the week - just call for more information.

Your favourite staycation awaits; call to reserve now!

What's Unique?

For a full weekend getaway, book a night in the Caboose Lodge where you'll get to stay in a once-functioning caboose, not converted into a beautiful suite! Also enjoy breakfast and/or lunch in the Mount Lefroy railway dining car.


Address: 20324 Township Road 502, Tofield, Alberta
Phone: 780-662-2372

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