Downtown Camrose

Alive at the Centre


Downtown Camrose is a vibrant, thriving, beautiful and welcoming place due in large part to the efforts of an organized, dedicated group who have spent great amounts of time and efforts to developing the city centre collaboratively with the City of Camrose and other partners and shareholders in the endeavour. Because of all of the revitalization and development efforts, downtown Camrose is now a haven for fashion, food, arts and shopping in east central Alberta.

In addition to building and supporting a thriving business community and beautiful aesthetic, the group behind Downtown Camrose supports events in the city and across the region such as the Jaywalkers Jamboree (the longest running street festival), the annual Camrose Cruisers Show and Shine, the Big Valley Jamboree, Founder's Day, the Scarecrow Festival and Midnight Madness.

Don't pass up an opportunity to visit downtown Camrose and enjoy the results of the hard work for yourself!

Name: Downtown Camrose
Address: Camrose, Alberta
Phone: 780-672-5191

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