Dobbin’s Cottage Garden

Taste the Joys of Super Foods!


We’re pleased to introduce you to Dobbin’s Cottage Garden in downtown Wainwright!

A charming destination for in-season, local produce and flowers, and year-round offerings of microgreens and locally produced goods ranging from jams and honey to art pieces and jewelry. Dobbin’s is also your source for subscription based product baskets.

Gardeners will be pleased to know that a variety of seeds are also available here. Specifically, you’ll find GMO-free, heirloom seeds to grow a bountiful harvest you can feel truly proud of.

You’ll want to pop in to see what’s new and on special whenever you have the chance since the items on hand change regularly depending on what producer partners have provided. You’ll also find frequent fantastic bargains on fresh produce, hand-crafted artisan items, delicious treats, as well as regular introductions of new offerings to the fantastic shopping line-up.

Come shop at Dobbin’s Cottage Garden and support an incredible network of local businesses!


Name: Dobbin’s Cottage Garden
Address: 1019 2nd Avenue, Wainwright, Alberta
Phone: 780-806-9426

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