Craig's Cornerstone

Experience over 100 Years of Shopping Tradition....


This development consists of three 100 year old buildings in the heart of Vermilion’s historic downtown that were originally built by three separate businesses, Craig’s Brothers (east building), Nelson Hill Hardware (centre building), and Stevens Department Store (west building). Craig’s eventually bought out the Nelson Hill building in about 1958, and the Stevens building in 1968 and renovated to expand the Craig’s Department Store into all three buildings. In the early 1970s Craig’s underwent extensive exterior and interior renovations to modernize and tie in the three buildings to look like a single "modern" department store. When Craig’s Department Store decided to shut the doors in 2017, after providing the region with exceptional service for 112 years, a few local business owners decided to buy the buildings and restore them to their original façades. The building was uniquely set up to allow numerous locally owned boutiques to open and foster an indoor market atmosphere that provides a shopping experience that is unlike anything found elsewhere in the region. The current businesses that make up Craig’s Cornerstone are Uniquely U Styles, Vermilion Jewellers, Harbrook & Paisley, MACK Modern Age Clothing for Kids, and Fresh Apparel. As a dedicated group of shop owners, they are very proud to keep up the tradition of unique brands, and exceptional service that defined Craig’s for generations.


Business Name:
Craig's Cornerstone
Location: 5003 - 50 Avenue, Vermilion, Alberta

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