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Totally Awesome Cookies!

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Got a sweet tooth? Confetti Sweets satiates the cravings with Totally Awesome Cookies!

A Totally Awesome Cookie is the result of using only the top quality, real ingredients without any skimping. Real butter, real sugar, real everything. All hand-made by totally awesome people.

The Confetti Sweets Bake Shop story began with owner Kathy Leskow’s desire to pursue something in tandem with raising her children. She began to bake cookies in her home to sell at the local farmers’ market and before long that one market became several markets every week. When her kitchen oven proved to be no match for the demand for her Totally Awesome Cookies, Kathy invested in a commercial oven and set up the first iteration of Confettis Sweets Bake Shop in her basement, complete with a dozen staff members.

Today, Kathy’s cookie empire enjoys a storefront in Sherwood Park and in west Edmonton, while still being offered in markets across the province.


Did you know?

Confetti Sweets was invited to serve their cookies at a pre-Oscar party for the stars, press, and nominees in 2015 and 2016. Wow! You can treat yourself to the same incredible dessert that Jamie Foxx (among many others) enjoyed at that Oscars pre-party.

So stop in at one of the two retail shops, or, to make it even easier, place your order online!

Confetti Sweets is pleased to also offer catering and completely customized cookies for your special event needs.

Name:  Confetti Sweets Bake Shop
Address:  6 - 41 Broadway Blvd., Sherwood Park, Alberta
Phone:  780-570-5080

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