Romanian Pioneer Museum of Boian

The Only Romanian Museum in Alberta!

Romanian_Dancers Romanian Dance troupe from Edmonton performing at the Romanian Pioneer Museum of Boian Annual Picnic. Photo ©Stan Cholak @ImagesByStan

Why Go?
For a day of fun, learning about history, and experiencing a new culture, plan a visit to The Romanian Pioneer Museum of Boian, located on RR 143, 4 miles north of Hwy 45. The museum features four fascinating exhibits for you to explore, including The Bordei, which was a half dugout shelter used by pioneers. 

This open-air museum preserves artifacts, documents, and family histories of the first Romanian immigrants that came from Bukovina to Alberta between the years 1895 and 1915. For the past few years, the Canadian Romanian Society of Alberta has been renovating and adding new facilities to the existing buildings and now has six RV camping stalls with power hookups. 

Bring the family out today and see everything that this museum has to offer!

What's Unique?
If you've always wanted to learn a new language, lessons to learn the Romanian language are are held regularly by museum chairman Leslie Lutic. Check out their website and contact them for more details.

Name:  Romanian Pioneer Museum of Boian
Address:  Range Road 143, northeast of Willingdon, Alberta
Phone: 780-768-3932

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