Lloydminster Sundial

Giant Sundial! The hour lines are corrected for longitude and indicate zonal solar time. The largest in Canada at 60m (197 feet).

Lloydminster, Alberta Canada
Bud Miller All Seasons Park
The gnomon is constructed from 200mm diameter (8 inch nominal pipe size) black schedule 40 - carbon steel pipe that is painted yellow. It is 7000mm (23 feet) in length and is supported on a reinforced concrete base 750mm (30 inches) in diameter and 2500mm (8 feet) long. It is surrounded by massive boulders partially buried in the ground.

The hour lines are made of pavers laid on a sand and gravel base. The raised hour numbers are sandblasted on 400mm (16 inch) square treated timber posts that are supported by concrete bases.

A number of additional timber posts and steel pipes can be seen around the dial. These indicate such features as true north and the four compass points of north, south, east and west.

This is an approximate location. Please contact the owner for exact directions.

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