Event: Kat Danser & The Tall Tales Music Performance - Cold Lake

$25 Ticket

An Evening of New Orleans Roots and Blues

Kat Danser’s music is a steel belted radial easily flexing between a dusty gravel road and a fresh coat of asphalt. True to her Polish- Gypsy heritage, Danser is in perpetual motion and her swampy roots and blues style is a fine-tuned reflection of life lessons from the road. Edmonton’s Kat Danser doesn’t just play the blues - she studies it, lives it, breathes it and elevates it from sweaty, smoky beer joints to elegant centre stage in the finest of concert halls. Her sweet vocals, lyrical genius, and instrumental prowess beautifully combine with her sharp wit and commanding stage presence to deliver unfailingly memorable live performances.

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Event Details
When: Saturday, January 19, 2019
Cold Lake, Alberta Canada
Additional Information
Event Type: Music/Concert
Category: Social
Contact Information: Website: www.grandeparlour.ca
Last Updated: November 20, 2018 05:16PM (2 months ago)

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