Vilna Agricultural Society

Visit Vilna - Enjoy a Fair and Christmas Craft Show!

Set aside two special weekends for Vilna - the Boomtown Days Fair in August and the Christmas Craft Fair in November.  Proudly hosted by the Vilna Agricultural Society.  Also check out the website for more details about these events and other exciting things happening throughout the year.


Vilna Boomtown Day Fair

August 17-18, 2018

A good ole' small town country fair....  Enjoy the parade, bench show, lots of prizes, great food, and games for every age!


Vilna Christmas Craft Fair

November 10, 2018 (10:00 am - 4:00 pm)

Everything you need to get your Christmas shopping done, and some fun with Santa, gingerbread cookie decorating, and prizes!


Name:  Vilna Agricultural Society
Address:  5431 - 50th Street (Cultural Centre)
Phone:  780-636-3960

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