The Garage, Inc.

Parts, Showroom, Sales - With a Yesteryear Flair


The Garage, Inc. Is a unique auto shop in Vegreville, Alberta where the focus is on parts, sales and showing autos from back in the day. Beautiful, gleaming old model autos stand in the yard and the storefront itself harkens back to days gone by.

The Garage website boasts that it is 'a haven for interesting automobiles and a hangout for their enthusiasts'.

If you need parts and help with getting going on your fixer-upper, you'll find a wealth of information and the parts you need at The Garage. If you've been hunting for that dream car, come have a look at the polished beauties on The Garage lot - you may just drive away with The One.

Name: The Garage, Inc.
Address: 5106 - 50 Ave., Vegreville, Alberta
Phone: 780-632-7888 or 780-603-8793

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