Sippin' East Alberta

wheat Driving through the vast countryside of Alberta, you'll see mile after mile of grain fields shimmering in gently swaying waves underneath our big Alberta skies. Those miles and miles of grain fields are the starting source for a developing industry brought to you by small batch crafters of beers and moonshine throughout our vast and beautiful province.
At Go East of Edmonton Tourism Organization, we couldn't be more proud to introduce you to some of these craft breweries and distilleries, located right here in our very own East of Edmonton region. We hope that you'll make time to check them out and find a new favourite. What could be better than the perfect synergy of farmers sowing, growing, harvesting and handing off the perfectly ripened grains to the small batch craft brewers who then take it and create small batches of perfectly crafted brews?

glass_of_wine Or how about an entirely self-contained winery operation where a small batch wine developer not only creates delectable bottles of various wines but also grows all of the fruits used in each batch as well? And don't forget the last step in this seamless dance of delicious localism - bringing the finished product to you.

Visit the local retail businesses that support this great crafters' industry. Try the amazing products which are 100% grown, crafted and sold by and for your neighbours here in East of Edmonton. We think you'll find your very favourite new beverage along the taste testing journey. But enough of the preamble; let's get you introduced to the amazing craft beverage developers so you can get started on your tasting and shopping endeavours!

Two_Sergeants First up, if you find yourself in or near Fort Saskatchewan then you need to add a trip to Two Sergeants Brewing and Taphouse to your itinerary. This is a pub which opened in December of 2015 and proudly serves Patrolman's ESB, a Bangalore Torpedo IPA or a Passion'd Ale Begian Wit. See more details below.

Right here in the home town of our Go East of Edmonton Tourism Organization office you can find the one and only Red Cup Distillery. This is a new craft distillery which uses local grain, malt and prairie moonshine recipes in a custom made copper pot still. This "wheatshine" is now available and people are raving about it! See more details below.

Head a little further south to Camrose and stop in at the Norsemen Brewing Company. They've been crafting small batches of great brews since 2010 and have been a favourite in the region ever since. Try their ever popular Longship Ale or Erik the Red (an amber ale) as well as various seasonal brews. You can enjoy it at The Taproom on location or take it home in a growler. See more details below.

That brings us to wine. We have the Barr Estate Winery in Sherwood Park which has been in operation since 2009 and has been providing the locals with their two flagship blends - "The Barb", a rhubarb wine, and "The Other Red" which is made from raspberries. See more details below.

Wondering where to buy? Little Guy Liquor in Sherwood Park is the premier destination for quality and hard to find products. The owners are also the main operators for this shop and they are proud to offer you knowledgeable and educated answers to all of your questions. This is also an excellent source for locally produced brews and wines.

That concludes our featured wineries, distilleries and breweries. We'd love to hear from you now. Which of these crafters' products have you tried and what was your experience like? Let us know all about your experience by leaving us a comment or sending us an Email.

-Ellie  #elliegoeseast

It's Craft Beer, Wine and Moonshine!

Barr Estate Winery – Sherwood Park  
Savour their two excellent varieties –“The Barb” made from rhubarb and “The Other Red” made from raspberries. Watch for the launch of their new Rhurbarb/Strawberry wine called “Rhuby” in spring 2017.

Norsemen Brewing Co. – Camrose
482509_427478177334701_1666211079_n   Eric_the_Red
Try their ever popular Longship Ale or Erik the Red (amber ale), plus the Epic Oatmeal Stout and Thor’s Hammer IPA. Available on-site at the Tap Room or take it home in a growler.

Red Cup Distillery – Vegreville
Red_Cup_Distillery     Red_Cup_Distillery   
A one-of-a-kind craft distillery using local grain and prairie moonshine recipes in a traditional copper pot still, producing a premium “wheat shine”. Twice distilled, with no chemicals, you can taste the pure unaged flavours.

Two Sergeants Brewing and Taphouse – Fort Saskatchewan
Enjoy a Patrolman’s ESB, a Bangalore Torpedo IPA, a Passion’d Ale Begian Wit, a Chinook Oatmeal Stout and the Bear Beer.

Other Local Breweries, Wineries and Distilleries in the area: Camrose – Back 40 Distillery. Cold Lake Brewing and Distilling. Edgerton – Ribstone Creek Brewery. Lac Lac Biche – Fat Unicorn Brewing. Lloydminster – 4th Meridian Brewing. St. Paul – Lakeland Brewing. Two Hills – Birds & Bees Organic Winery.