Visit these Museums east of Edmonton!

There’s not a more intriguing family activity than spending a day learning about the past. Thankfully, there’s plenty of places East of Edmonton that sport museums and heritage grounds if you’re hankering for a day trip. There’s a ton of family fun waiting in places such as Fort Saskatchewan’s Fort Heritage Precinct, Vegreville’s Regional Museum, Lamont County’s Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village and Thorhild County’s 1929 Krause Grain Elevator. Here’s a few ideas of fantastic museum exploring to be had East of the Edmonton city limits.

Fort Heritage Precinct


How often are you presented a chance to see Fort Saskatchewan’s history up close and personal? The Fort Heritage Precinct is the answer to that question, providing an incredibly immersive means of illustrating the region’s beginnings and heritage.

The Precinct offers several different tours through the huge museum grounds and heritage buildings in the village. In just under two hours, you can relive life through the eyes of a 1900s era settler, a student or even a constable as you explore several permanent exhibits, set in three distinct historical eras such as the North West Mounted Police Fort that preceded Fort Saskatchewan beginning in 1875, the Historical Village, and the Warden's Residence representing the region's modern beginnings. Other vintage exhibits include a courthouse, a church, a warden house, a blacksmith shop and an automobile / machinery display. The best part? It’s all outdoors, meaning you just have to follow up with a gorgeous picnic lunch or a walk along the river to cap it off.

Historic Pioneer Museum


Found in Redwater, this hidden gem contains a collection of photographs, books and artifacts that tell the story of the region. It's a quaint space that’s cute but in no way is it unassuming - it also features a collection of historical oil goods alongside a hefty military tribute to the region's WWII veterans.

1929 Krause Grain Elevator


This grain elevator in Radway is the last of a dying breed. Early in the 20th century, Radway was home to five grain elevators. It was the symbol of the major flour mill operation that supplied nearly one third of Alberta’s mill. Today, the elevator stands as a regional landmark, restored to its full glory. It’s a great place for a classic Albertan photo op.

Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village


Go back in time - literally! One of Canada's largest bloc settlement of Ukrainian settlers lives on as a massive open-air setup that recreates early life for these pioneers to the exact detail - many of the performers you see at the Village tell tales of Ukrainian life as if they were there when it happened. You'll have more than thirty restored permanent exhibits to explore such as historic landmarks and farmsteads and plenty of authentic food to dig into.

Vegreville Regional Museum


Much like the giant egg symbolizes the intersection of Vegreville’s distinct settler groups, the Regional Museum does the same - whether you're looking for community history books to purchase, gawking at classic farm machinery or checking out the Sports Hall of Fame. The museum features over a century of local history ranging from Ukrainian & Romanian textiles to exhibits on agricultural machinery to health and a Deputy Prime Minister.

Strathcona County Museum & Archives

Featuring pioneer-themed exhibits, this museum located in Sherwood Park originally doubled as a fire hall and police station. Today, it's a home to an assortment of Strathcona County artifacts and exhibits such as a grain elevator, a one-room school, a daily barn and more surrounding the village square much like a rural community would. With exhibits changing regularly, the museum serves as a fascinating time capsule into a part of Strathcona’s pioneer past and heritage.

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