Metis Crossing

A Centre Dedicated to the History and Culture of the Métis


History buffs will love a trip on the Victoria Trail along the North Saskatchewan River, just 10 miles south of Smoky Lake off Highway 855. Start at Victoria Settlement, where interpreters bring this former Fort and pioneer settlement to life. It is the site of the oldest building still on its original foundation in Alberta. Work your way west to Metis Crossing where you’ll find a gift shop, campground and boat launch. Metis Crossing, located on the north banks of the North Saskatchewan River, is a 512 acre site, comprised of five river lot titles that had been owned by Metis settlers in the late 1800s. It is the first and only major Metis Cultural Centre in Canada. For generations, this site was a gathering point for Metis, European and aboriginal peoples. Metis Crossing has been an important river crossing for centuries. Archaeological findings have unearthed the remains of a 6,000 year old campsite. Used by Metis, Aboriginal peoples, missionaries, voyageurs, fur traders, and farmers, the site was developed by a mission in 1862, followed by the establishment of a Hudson’s Bay Company trading post. Today, Metis Crossing, along with Victoria Settlement, are part of a National Historic Site. Both Historic Sites are open May to September with special events during the summer.


Name:  Métis Crossing
Address:  South of Smoky Lake, Alberta
Phone: 780-656-2229

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