Lavoy Action Society

Card Parties and Mother's Day Celebrations in Lavoy!



The peaceful hamlet of Lavoy is a popular stop on the Go East Antique Tour.  But that's not all; you are invited to join the community on Mother's Day for a delicious pancake breakfast as well as card parties on the first and third Friday from November through to April.

Mother's Day - May 14th, 2017

Hug your mother and take her to a delicious pancake breakfast.

Canada Day Celebration

Kids games, parade, and steak supper - a great way to celebrate Canada's 150 in Lavoy this July 1st!

Card Parties

On the first and third Friday during the months from November through April, you're invited to Lavoy for a potluck supper beginning at 6:00PM and followed by card games at 8:00PM.  Or just socialize and make new friends.  Come join the fun!

Name:  Lavoy Action Society
Address:  Lavoy, Alberta
Phone:  780-658-3382

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