Erdmann's Gardens & Greenhouses

Fresh Veggies and Lots of Planting Options for Your Gardens



Erdmann's Gardens and Greenhouses, north of Bon Accord, Alberta, is where you can find lots of fresh veggies just picked from the gardens as well as a large selection of plants for your gardens - ranging from a variety of beautifully decorative flowers and grasses to veggies, blueberries and herbs.

Additionally, you can find fresh produce from Erdmann's Gardens and Greenhouses at various farmers' markets in the region - just check the website for details.

If you are a food service professional, check out Erdmann's Gardens and Greenhouses for your produce needs.

You are a valued customer at Erdmann's and you'll be offered a complimentary glass of water or a cup of coffee and if you're really lucky, there may even be a home baked goodie for you to enjoy with that coffee.

Name: Erdmann's Gardens and Greenhouses
Address: North of Bon Accord, Alberta
Phone: 780-961-3912

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