Elite Excursions Inc.

Central Alberta’s Most Luxurious Party Bus



Elite Excursions is a coach travel service with luxurious style, headquartered in Alliance, Alberta.

Elite Excursions is the perfect travel service for any of your destination trips, including weddings (one free bottle of champagne is included), corporate excursions, birthday parties, Christmas parties, concerts and sporting events, spa days and golf getaways, or just a trip for no reason, even!

In addition to being the go-to luxury coach travel service for your event or destination trip, Elite Excursions offers a number of ticketed events throughout the year. Check our website events here to see information of some of these upcoming events.

Here are some of the great ticketed events coming up throughout 2017; find more information in our website events calendar and on the Elite Excursions website and Facebook page:
  • May 12 3rd Annual Flagstaff Greenhouse Tour
  • May 16 2nd Annual Enjoy Center Trip
  • May 18 Mystery Greenhouse Tour!
  • June 5 Antiquing/Museum Tour
  • June 14 Northlands Race Track Trip
  • June 20 Men's only Golf Trip to Alberta Springs
  • July 8 Spruce Meadows "North American" tournament
  • July 18&19 Cochrane/Turner Valley Overnighter!
  • August 3 Big Valley Jamboree Parade!
  • September 6 Spruce Meadows "Masters" tournament
  • October 12 Rosebud Dinner Theatre "The Christians"
  • October 27 Mystery Tour!

All that’s left to do is grab your friends and hop on board; because getting there is half the fun!

Name: Elite Excursions Inc.
Address: Alliance, Alberta
Phone: 780-385-1675, or 780-385-4659
Website: www.eliteexcursions.ca

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