Daines & Daubney

Inspired Home & Garden Décor



Daines & Daubney is your destination for inspired home and garden décor! Located in the historic and beautified downtown shopping district of Wainwright, you’ll find an expertly curated selection of home décor items, personal care and jewelry, giftware, and kitchen and cookware.

Perhaps you’d like to wear a wood-crafted watch? Or hang a windmill clock as a statement piece on a wall?


Or maybe you need to revamp your living space but you’re struggling with creating a vision for how to accomplish a beautiful and comfortable design? Daines & Daubney is pleased to offer a home design service to help you achieve an inviting space you’ll love coming home to for years to come.


Daines & Daubney
Address: 119 – 10 Street, Wainwright, Alberta
Phone: 780-842-2102
Website: Click here to go to Daines & Daubney Facebook page

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