Café’s Mexican Restaurant

Home-made Mexican/Mennonite Cuisine



Check out Café’s Mexican Restaurant in Two Hills for delicious, home-made Mexican/Mennonite cuisine. The menu features a wide selection of traditional Mexican dishes such as enchiladas, tacos, and bisteak ranchero. You can also find burgers, sandwiches and soups, such as the traditional Mennonite chicken noodle soup and many varieties of soups featured as ‘soup of the day’.  A daily dessert item is also featured to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Craving a hearty breakfast? You’ll find a filling breakfast menu available all day at Café’s Mexican Restaurant, including such items as huevos ranchero, breakfast burrito, pancakes, and the traditional protein and egg combination.


Stop in and dine at Café’s soon!

Name: Café’s Mexican Restaurant
Address: 5017 – 54 Avenue, Two Hills, Alberta
Phone: 780-657-1105
Website: Click here for Café’s Mexican Restaurant Facebook page

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