Bodo Archaeological Centre

Experience Hands-on History in Bodo!



A 500 year old stone arrowhead from the Bodo Archaeological Site.

The Bodo Archaeological Centre and Site is located 3 hours east of Edmonton and 15 minutes south of Provost on Hwy 899. See an exciting line-up of summer adventures and programs for all ages including daily-guided tours of the site and center. Programs offer hands-on experience excavating a well-preserved bison bone bed, which represents a bison hunting culture that dominated the grasslands for over 10,000 years. Thousands of artifacts including bison bone, pottery, stone tools, and arrowheads have been discovered at this site. Amateur archaeologists can relax after a day in the field and enjoy locally grown bison meat and fresh saskatoon berries before settling into your tipi under the stars for the night.

Join an excavation and experience archaeology first hand in East Central Alberta this summer! Book a tour today at the Bodo Archaeological Site & Centre.

Adult Dig-It Camps - Uncover First Nations history and excavate with an archaeologist at a 500 year old bison bone bed in East Central Alberta.
Kids Camps - Kids can dig deeper at Bodo! Visit Bodo and take part in one of the unique programs designed for children of all ages. Activities include a visit to an archaeolgy lab and an authentic dig site, participating in traditional activities, hiking to a buffalo rubbing stone, and learning about traditional plants.
Family Lifeways Camps - Your family can live like it was 200 years ago! This camp provides families with the opportunity to observe & experience life the way it was prior to European contact in Alberta.

Bodo Archaeological Society also provides School Programs and Resources, Curriculum-Based School Tours, and School In-Class Visits.

Hours of operation:
Open early May to late August, 2017.
Mon – Fri 9 am- 5 pm and
Sat - Sun: 10 am- 2 pm

Name:  Bodo Archaeological Centre and Site
Address:  Highway 899, South of Provost, Alberta
Phone: 780-753-6353

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